Nicki's current training rates are:

In addition to everything listed above, Nicki will be taking horses and clients to the local (WA and OR) Region 6 shows. Nicki is available to help you and your horse reach your riding goals whatever those may be.

Photo Credit: Jessica Lyman
Photo Credit: Jessica Lyman
Photo Credit: Jessica Lyman

Aside from training, the facility that Nicki trains out of offers the following amenities:

Traumhof Board and Training Rates

Nicki on Chopin, Debbie McDonald Clinic at Traumhof

Board rates:

  • 12' x 12' stall: $690/mo
  • 12.5' x 12.5' stall: $740/mo
  • 12.5' x 15.5' stall: $815/mo
  • 12.5' x 16.5' stall: $825/mo

Board includes:

  • Guarantee of 1/2 day turnout 7 days a week, weather permitting
  • Feeding of Premium Timothy 5x/day (first feeding 6 am, last feeding 9 pm)
  • Feeding of grain 2x/day (breakfast and dinner - specific times depend on season)
  • Grain choices include: Timothy pellets, Oats, Barley, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (for Omegas), and Dynamite's PGR (complete feed)
  • Night check before bedtime with final hay feeding of the day
  • We also offer the Dynamite free choice NTM salt and 2:1 in each horse's stall
  • Jessica can customize a feed program to your horse's individual needs if you desire
  • Blanketing, boots
  • Vet/Farrier scheduling
  • Trailer parking
  • Warm (in the fall/winter/spring) filtered water
  • Auditing for all of our clinics

All of this is included in board. We are a full service barn.

We have our huge sand/rubber arena (80' x 204') footing professionally leveled and "fluffed" every 4-6 months so that the footing is always as perfect as it can possibly be.

Additional Conditioning/Therapeutic/Rehab options for your horse:

  • Handwalking: $4 per 15 minutes
  • TheraPlate: $200/month, guaranteed 5 days a week
  • TheraPlate Self-Serve: $50/month (after hours)
  • Treadmill (w/incline): $200/month, guaranteed 5 days a week


As a Traumhof client you will have the option to ride with some of the top trainers in the country. We have hosted in the past Debbie McDonald, Steffen Peters, Shannon Peters, David Blake and we currently have a clinic series running with the fabulous Lientje Scheuler of SPeters Dressage. Lientje is the assistant trainer to Shannon and Steffen at their barn Arroyo Del Mar in San Diego, CA. Lientje trains with the horse first approach that the Peters use, and is a dynamic clinician, not to mention a well accomplished rider herself! This is a unique opportunity to train regularly with the best of the best! In between clinics, Nicki can keep you going with the same training style. Its a win-win for both you and your horse! Please see our clinic page for the current schedule and to register to audit.

Frank Meyer with Elfenlady, Lientje Scheuler Clinic at Traumhof
Photo Credit: Jessica Lyman
Nicki on Elfenlady, Lientje Scheuler Clinic at Traumhof
Photo Credit: Jessica Lyman

Dynamite Products:

If you are interested in purchasing Dynamite products you can contact Jessica or order directly from her Dynamite retail site Jessica is also available for consultation on feed programs: contact her directly to arrange this.

If you are interested in any of these services, or want to know more, contact Jessica Lyman at or go to the Traumhof website!